Bit labs community view topic

Bit labs community view topic

Stupify showed:Identical copy, siri will not be google and sure enough there are techs that will make siri useless.As well as dedication that is stopping siri business from going down under is isps and phone companies that are gouging the customers for services that would make stuff like this feasible.For one it would be internet radio which may potentially be hosted by yourself or a friend or a company.But Cheap Pandora Bracelets Canada for such services to be feasible isp/phone companies need to tone down the data download constraints.Marriage ceremony far from happening couple more years.

This is a brief situation.

Sirius won’t survive long term unless they revamp their entire enterprize model.But also they are stuck with no compelling tech and a market waiting to be saturated by outside competition, they do have the eyes of oem’s which is good but they’re stuck in a weak position.

Smartphones could kill sirius in a heartbeat with just a few subtle tweaks and access design changes, built in hd fx for portable plugin television set to use with add in or built in displays on any vehicle.It doesn’t really need to be hd but the tech is available so why not, movie taking a look at, web diving, web radio a whole bunch more.So why would anyone be considering paying monthly for sirius if this was and to be real is already available?

Direwolf submitted:I would say the eye is mostly short term cash, not stock market.

Its a perfect gemstone stock(He, hyped and unpredictable).

It’s a penny stock that is easy to govern.

History will can see the battle while forgetting the blood.

Clone invented:Stupify submitted:Replicated, siri will not be google and sure enough you can have techs that will make siri useless.All that is stopping siri business from going down under is isps and phone companies that are gouging the customers for services that would make stuff like this feasible.For one it would be internet radio which might be hosted by yourself or a friend or Milagrofilms a company.But for such services to be feasible isp/phone companies need to tone down the data download disadvantages.This is not far from happening couple more years.

This is a brief situation.

Sirius won’t survive long term unless they revamp their entire enterprize model.But option they are stuck with no compelling tech and a market waiting to be saturated by outside competition, they do have the eyes of oem’s which is good but they’re stuck in a weak position.

Smartphones could kill sirius in a heartbeat with just a few subtle tweaks and access renovations, built in hd fx for portable plugin the media to use with add in or built in displays on any vehicle.It doesn’t really need to be hd but the tech is available so why not, movie looking at, web searching, web radio and a whole lot.So why would anyone thinking of paying monthly for sirius if this was and to be real is already available?

Direwolf written:I would say the eye is mostly short term cash, not invest in.

Its a perfect pool stock(Sparkling, hyped and erratic).

It’s a penny stock that is easy to govern.

A lot more, sirius is the main option in remote/rural areas.Just cuz you live in canada’s largest city does not necessarily mean every smaller town/city also has wimax available.Sirius offers many content, electronically, all for just $15 per month.

To be sure sirius could do more, but not till they start making additional money, everbody knows, they are still paying off the huge debt/infrastructure costs to put 4 satellites above the united states etc.Once they start raking it in from used and new car subs and other income streams(Iphone and bb sirius xm apps etc. )And reduce more debt, then they’ve got more funds to invest in improving on their services as you suggest.Just needs time to work.

Over back as soon as, sirius is challenging option in remote/rural areas.

Hammer time unless i’m mistaken sirius doesn’t own the satellite radio concept nor do they control satellite data sign.It’s available to anyone who wants to use it and happens to be what they use but beyond that as i’ve discussed earlier that is a technological limitation that can’t last.

Sirius has gotten itself a place as a feature in auto’s but digital convergence will kill it.Does one pay for sirius if your iphone offered the same features?

Why would you own an ipod if your could do all of the same on top of calling ppl and using the internet on an iphone, which is soon to be.

Their is a lot of single purpose junk on the market that can be bundled together into one device at a not unreasonable expense.Bundling gets cheaper on a yearly basis and sirius is not compelling. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Australian broadcasting corporation abc

Australian broadcasting corporation abc

I been verifying what are the all time most apps for the two main smart phone markets apple app store and the android market.

I had a good browse around both stores and read a bunch of articles, but there looks to be a lot of conflicting information.

Both the app store and the business have a list of top apps, but that doesn convey top selling.It means whatever those websites would like it to mean.

Let me give you among the how these lists work.

We been tracking the nerdzilla podcast on the itunes charts it useful to see how well the system is doing compared to other podcasts.

But based on apple, in my”First rate podcasts”List make”Based on a mix recent subscriptions, downloads and evaluations, so who knows what property numbers are?

The same thinking is valid for both the app store and the android market there a top list, even though not a”Best sellers in them all”Quantity.

Now itunes apparently did release of its state of the art apps of all time, but my apple itunes just won follow those links, possibly because i registered nationwide and those lists were published in the uk and the usa.

So i had to read some articles, which in turn conflict, and average them out to help make my own.It won be flawlessly accurate, but money making plans a very good idea of the apps people are actually downloading.

So here my mash up list of the planet most popular smart phone apps, both free and premium.

Category gets attached to about half of every top ten list i seen.

Doodle race:A little pipe nosed beastie up a series of platforms by tilting all over the place.Very easy and hugely fun.The right game length for playing on the toilet. (Screen shot using doodle jump creators lima sky. )

Angry parrots:A physics play, where you catapault a variety of birds into structures built by pigs.Simply extraordinary, marvelously painless.

Tap tap payback:Guitar hero for the unit.Tap along to the music by incorporating fingers.

Cut the string:An additional physics based game, where it’s necessary that you get candy to a little creature called om nom

Possession god:Where you manage an island and its residents.

Bejeweled:Popular puzzle game, sliding gems around to make 3 or more back to back.

Food Where Do You Get Pandora Bracelets ninja:A superbly zen experience, slashing a finger on screen to bisect thrown fruit.

To Cheap Pandora Charms Canada interchange websites:

Web surfing on a telephone is always a bit second rate, even with websites designed for the woking platform.So some design apps, which completely repackage the ability for the phone.

Along with:For swaping stuff.

Facebook.Com:Allowing you to connect to friends. Though the apps don give you quite the depth of control you get from the display screen, They can can certainly make it quicker and easier to do your mostCommon tasks. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Australian films selected for sundance

Australian films selected for sundance

With the statement of its premieres Milagrofilms and documentary premieres sundance as always has left the big names till last.From ken jobs to julian assange to mia wasikowska, nicole kidman, jacki weaver, lad pearce, toni collette and naomi w, the snow shrouded festival is simply a doozy this year.Overall the festival will show a total of 115 pics, 101 of which happen to be world premieres.

The big news for australia though is jane campion return with the top of lake, a six part video series co directed by australia garth davis(Adore my way)And co authored by campion and gerard lee(Darling).The piano academy ranked actress holly hunter re teams with campion for the series, that also features elisabeth moss, scotland bob mullan, afi profitable actor david wenham, and new zealander lucy lawless in a keeping role.

Set in the remote piles of new zealand, top of the lake is a powerful and haunting mystery about searching for happiness in a paradise where honest work is hard to find.It makes sense the disappearance of a five months pregnant 12 year old girl, who was last seen stagnant chest deep in a frozen lake.The boy wonder griffin(Moss)Is a gutsy but inexperienced detective called in to examine the case.During the review, she collides that includes matt mitcham(Mullan), The neglecting girl father and local drug lord, As well as the GJ(Seeker), A guru at a nearby women camp.Robin will seek this the case that tests her limits and sends her on a journey of self discovery.The top lake is a co production between by sundance channel, bbc two, and uktv nationwide and new zealand.

Also eagerly awaited now is the australia france co production two mothers(Pictured), Forced by Anne Fontaine(Coco before getting to chanel)And to be given away through hopscotch, also of the producers.Based on a screenplay by christopher hampton and filmed largely on the nsw north coast, the passionate drama(Yes that sundance sex look again)Stars woman of the moment naomi watts and robin wright as lifelong friends who love each other sons.Afraid of facing the ire and judgment of their insular seaside district, the two affairs continue within the in secret, until their discovery threatens to tear apart the new lives and groups of the young men, who must eventually select from following a well worn path, or quickly their true desires.Xavier samuel, randy frecheville, ben mendelsohn and sophie lowe are also typical of the cast.Manufacturer as yet, though i’m there soon will be.

Michael winterbottom returns to a sex theme as well in the style of love, where steve coogan plays spanish porn baron paul raymond.Deceive epstein’s lovelace, glaring amanda seyfried as the adult film actress, and don jon’s fixation, gordon levitt’s leading debut starring himself as a porn addict, likewise should tickle and heat up audiences fancies during the cold months cold.

Steve jobs is definitely not coming back from the grave, though early reports in joshua michael stern’s biopic, functions, indicate that ashton kutcher shows he can do far more than take over from charlie sheen on two and a half men and is clearly extending out from his trademark comedy schtick.

Just as envisioned is we steal secrets:The storyline of wikileaks, directed by documented specialist alex gibney, who was oscar selected for enron:The smartest guys in the room and is now working on lance armstrong:The trail back.Crucial things.

Wasikowska, kidman and weaver appear actually awaited stoker, which marks the english terms debut of korean auteur park chan wook.So he thinks about.When he discovers he was part of a divorce study during a driving trip, it wreaks havoc on his as well as forces him to face his chaotic past.Shed:Adam scott, rich jenkins, catherine o’hara, amy poehler, mary electronic winstead, clark battle each other.Almost two decades have passed since their first assembly on that train bound for vienna.Vendor clock strikes midnight, we will again join their story.Players:Ethan hawke, jules delpy, xenia kalogeropoulou, ariane labed, athina rachel tsangari, seamus davey fitzpatrick.Tossed:Jean marc barr, kate bosworth, josh lucas, radha mitchell, anthony edwards, henry jones.Ensemble:Folk pearce, felicity jones, amy johnson, mackenzie davis.Group:Ernest gordon levitt, scarlett johansson, julianne moore, tony danza, glenne headly, rob dark brownish. Bent on apprehending some of the fugitives, She finds her loyalty tested as her feelings grow for theGroup’s charming leader.Shaped:British marling, alexander skarsg ellen pages, toby kebbell, shiloh fernandez, patricia clarkson.Jobs is a genuine, inspiring and private portrait of the one who saw things differently.Simmons, matthew modine.A the latest king midas story, raymond became one of the richest men in britain at the price tag on losing those closest to him.Toss:Ken coogan, ould-Friel, imogen poots, tamsin egerton.As the darkness of gabi past ever more envelops him, charlie solves to win her heart, or die working.Ensemble:Shia labeouf, evan rachel new picket, mads mikkelsen, rupert grint, steve buckley, unti schweiger.The isolated landscape becomes a place of misadventure as the men find themselves at odds jointly and the women they left behind.Tossed:John rudd, emile hirsch.Following his arrival, india suspects that this strange, charming man has ulterior motives but becomes more and more infatuated with him.Toss:Mia wasikowska, matthew goode, dermot mulroney, jacki weaver, nicole kidman.Group:Impotence problems harris, the month of jan jones, jerr isaacs, eduardo noriega, steven irritating, amy madigan.She is five months baby, and won’t say who the daddy is.Then she fades away.So begins a haunting mystery that consumes a residential area.Tossed:Elisabeth moss, holly seeker, philip mullan, he wenham.This six hour film will screen once within festival.Forged:Naomi w, the boy wonder wright, xavier samuel, brandon frecheville.Shed:Dakota fanning, at the olsen, boyd holbrook, demi moore, rich dreyfuss, ellen barkin. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Australian market set to open flat

Australian market set to open flat

The australian market looks set to open flat despite gains on program markets after iran struck a landmark deal on its nuclear program that will see sanctions eased on the key oil exporter.

The accord reached Cheap Pandora Charms Canada over the past weekend in geneva sent crude futures lower in monday trading, weighing on share prices in energy groups but regarded as being a boost to business, commonly fuel hungry airlines, on concern of lower costs.

In industrial news Where Do You Get Pandora Bracelets on tuesday, reserve bank of australia deputy governor philip lowe is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at a global association for research on income and wealth(Iariw)And university of nsw(Unsw)National gathering.

In stocks news, aristocrat leisure is anticipated to post full year results while woolworths, harvey grettle, brickworks, ioof, ridley company, challenger and kingsgate combined have annual general meetings scheduled. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Auctioneers in hereford

Auctioneers in hereford

Rg rb williams auctioneers limited ross auction centre opened in 1988 and lying on the outskirts of the historical town of ross on wye is one of the largest livestock markets in great britain.

Conveniently located afterwards of the m50 motorway, the market to be provides indoor pennage for 8, 000 lamb and 1, 000 cows.

The family conjunction of rg and rb williams comprises and his son.Has been just attempting to practice as a chartered surveyor and land agent in ross on wye for over 60 years.He has considerable experience with all property matters and is a former Cheap Pandora Bracelets member of the lord chancellor’s panel of arbitrators.

He is an well known expert on valuation with the estates gazette publishing his book”Farm valuations a practical guide”On 4 incidents.Started work as a chartered surveyor located in ross on wye in 1983.Since that date he has gained wide example of all aspects of land agency in the welsh border counties.He is an agent Cheap Pandora Charms Canada for the amc and specialises in lawn care law and expert witness representations.He also performs weekly sales of finished cattle and sheep at ross centre. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Auction prices rocket for hot young artists

Auction Pandora Bracelets Canada prices rocket for hot young artists

The frieze week auctions ended on weekend bang on target, with total sales of 133 million almost identical to last year.Apart from the italian sales including post war classics, we were looking at all about younger art from the 1980s onwards, exhibiting the interests of the frieze art fair itself.

The opening sale at phillips was marked by strong prices for some of the most well liked young artists around, usa, this reveals, by a preoccupation with painting with unconventionally materials.There were a record 98, 500 for a uneven abstract painting in oil, enamel and latex by the 30 years old american ryan sullivan, who had just enjoyed a sell at sadie coles’s london gallery, and an additional record 122, 500 for a mixed media work making use of black soap, grow, and rocks by 37 yr old black american artist rashid johnson.Going forward with his upward spiral was the british based colombian oscar murillo, whose debris painting while using word”Meditation”Written on it tripled estimates to sell for 218, 500.

The best sale of the week was the 50 outsize sculptures from the saatchi collection that christie’s sold for a total of 3.1 million.Acne outbreaks.Were no published estimates, unofficial price guides indicated that christie’s was prepared for as small as 1.3million.If, some works upwards of rose to the occasion, versatile individuals fell flat.

A tidy version of tracey emin’s bed are offered before, but was unsold in 2009 obtaining a 200, 000 calculate approximately.This time around, it soared to accurate documentation 482, 000.A set 10ft giants by the german artist martin honert, his first work on auction, had been privately estimated at less than 20, 000.Unfortunately, it sold to a european establishment for 194, 000.One of the less good sales was a massive wall text sculpture by the indian artist jitish kallat, which will have cost saatchi close to six figures, but sold just for 13, 750.The opportunistic buyers with room to house it were miami lenders don and mera rubell.

Top prices at both sotheby’s and christie’s main sales were sci fi works by glenn brown, an artist who paints seamlessly flat surfaced versions of other artists’ work, in such cases, the illustrator philip foss.You may only a dozen paintings from this series, and of these two for sale, an soa newby’s one, elaborate despair, did right, marketing for 3.5 million.It did well for the vendor, quite;It’s bought in 2002 for 33, 000.

The unquestionable new star of the auction room was the figurative painter and contender for this year’s turner prize, lynette yiadom boakye.Five of her works were dotted through frieze fair priced from 20, 000, site.Had sold.Located found available towards sotheby’s, one painting of two women was pursued by several dealers before supplying a collector for a double estimate 52, 500.Then you should at christie’s, a larger list of figures, diplomacy 11, from the saatchi lines, around trebled estimates to sell for a record 152, 500 to a russian chatting buyer.

Matching the emphasis on young artists was the volume of young buyers.Sotheby’s said half their buyers at the select night time time sale were under 50.And this week, i spotted more than a bit of bidders and buyers aged 30 and under.Such as joseph nahmad, the 21 yr old son of the new york and monte carlo based dealer, he nahmad, whose dealing family is said to have the largest stock of impressionist and modern art internationally;Vito schnabel, 27 years old son of the painter and film maker julian schnabel, who bought one of the top lots each week, a gerhard richter abstract painting like a pro at phillips for 2.4million;Betty baibakova, 26 year old russian heiress and collector who has recently given her backing to the new artspace web pages;And steve ofer, 30 year old grandson of the financial institution, sammy ofer, the israeli distribution billionaire who donated 20million to london’s national maritime museum in 2008.

You’ll find, even so, intriguing forces at play may possibly change future frieze week auctions.Going through the interaction between the auctions and the two major frieze fairs, the week’s biggest sales were for old pga entrepreneurs and modern art from brueghel to picasso and de kooning at frieze experts, the aunt frieze fair for older art.If frieze masters is bringing wealthy collectors with an intention in post war classics to london, then the auctioneers might start planning on expanding the scope of the frieze week auctions. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

At to throttle heavy users of its unlimited wireless data plan

At to throttle heavy users of its unlimited wireless data plan

Those who opted to hang onto the unlimited plan may have thought they were out of the woods, but 9to5mac reports that at is getting ready to start throttling back the speeds of heavy data users if they go over a certain, in the unspecified amount.

Detail rumor is correct, 9to5mac say the plan will go into effect in early october and be much throttling policies from verizon and virgin mobile:

The throttling plan be successful like the others’.The most heavy users will see significant speed decreases for one billing cycle once they go over a threshold of data(We’re speculating 2 4gb? ).These heavy users it’s still able to access the network, but at a much methodical speed.At the outset of the next billing cycle, their speeds will return on track.We don’t have numbers for at throttle speeds but virgin takes you down to 256kb/s can reached their 2.5GB cap(Not too bad actually possibly we’re happy to get 256kbs).Perhaps surprisingly, virgin’s throttle also are usually implemented in the first week of october which may indicate that they’ll be carrying a certain high profile mobile device as well.

The plan is also much like t mobile’s so called”Unrestricted”Program, which reduces data speeds once users go over set limits.I think these could be better called”Never-Ending, on the other hand”Diet itineraries.

Having an unlimited plan perfect for heavy users, but does put a strain on the network and to be honest, at got a few outcomes.Nonetheless, if the report is true and i’ve got a query into at spokesfolks for confirmation it should leave an even more sour taste in the mouths of brought on already frustrated with ma bell 2.0.[Remember:At has examined this.Investigate update below.]

For many of us, in fact, it’s going to be a non issue.I’m still on the infinite plan, but i don’t come anywhere near the 2 gb cap for at most costly, deset plan.Here’s my usage within the last six months.

My iphone 4 stays related to wi fi at both home and work, so most of my data usage doesn’t by means of at 3g network.I haven’t a clue how much data i’d use if i didn’t connect to wi fi, and that’s one reasons why i am glad i have kept my unlimited account.

I wouldn’t be happy if i stumbled upon my 3g speed was being throttled, but it could be better than paying overage charges.And given how slow at computer network system can be under heavy load, i might not even notice an improvement.

Bring up to date:At confirms likely to.But yet, at doesn’t appear to be detailing just how much data usage will trigger the slower speeds.Slightly, enterprise is saying that usage that places a customer in”The very best 5 percent of heaviest data users”Can lead to throttling.

One new measure is a step that may reduce the data throughput speed simply by a very small minority of smartphone customers who are on unlimited plans those whose extraordinary level of data usage puts them in the top 5 percent of our heaviest data users in a billing period.In all reality, these customers on average use 12 times more data than the average of all other phone data customers.This step will not apply to our 15 million smartphone customers on a tiered data plan or nearly all smartphone customers who still have unlimited data plans.

Getting started with october 1, smartphone customers with unlimited data plans can suffer reduced speeds once their usage in a billing cycle reaches the level that puts them among the top 5 percent of heaviest data users.These customers can still use unlimited data and their speeds will be restored with the beginning of the next billing cycle.Until you are affected, we brings multiple notices, these kinds of a grace period.

This change will never impact most our customers, and was made to create a better service experience for all.

The amount of data usage of our top 5 percent of heaviest users varies monthly, based on the usage of others and the ever improving demand for services for mobile broadband services.To rank the actual top 5 percent, you have to use a special amount of data in a single billing period.

Thereby, Milagrofilms you’ll be able to monitor your usage, but until at puts a hard number within this, it’s all guess work.

I’ve asked at if in which firm number customers can count on.

Post 2.0:An at spokesperson said there’s no solid number because the amount could vary month-To-Month, studying your market, top 5 pct”Is employed.Anyhow, she said that users vulnerable to falling into that group will be alerted”Several times”Ahead of.

Southwestern bell was the place to work simultaneously.We were a family and we were so proud to tell people that we worked for phone company when the us government made at divest itself of the regional bell operating companies in 1984, it all went downhill and it hasn been the equivalent since.I chose to sign up for at and the handwriting was on the wall from day 1.Layoffs and total mismanagement that only got worse with each day.We were made to turn repair calls into sales opportunities as a a buck.Customer care took a nose dive and employees moral was just non existent.Management altered, not motivated and the business offices were totally disconnected from the general populace of the company.Mci was an additional story.After leaving at i started working for mci and it was wonderful.They treated their individuals very nicely.Of course, that company is not.One of my former mci co workers now works best for at and she hates it.

I’ve been hunting a loyal at wireless customer for over 10 years.I was an adopter of mobile phones, and i’ve got a grandfathered data plan.

My the now necessary cord-Less data usage is 10.9GB on the fact 3/24/2011, So I creating 2.59GB by the.Month and i don take on myself a heavy data user.I use internet radio through at wireless network sometimes whilst at work(Can use the organization network for streaming audio at work, may well stand local radio)When i can get a usable 3g signal and i don use my touch screen phone at my house in houston(There no at cellular cover there at all, so just why bother).

It feels like at unlimited data plan isn really unlimited anymore.Combine by purchasing spotty/poor 3g coverage in the houston area, and one has to ask high quality at anymore of my co workers just switched to sprint.He has limitless data, efficient 3g service, periodic 4g service, and sprint paid him $125 to exchange are you listening at didn think so!

When i had att and an iphone i too could not use regarding green couple of gigs of data, but once i went to sprint 4g i started trending up to 3gb per month.Now on verizons lte network and the very first time a decent cellular data network i can easily go well over 5gb a month.What you realize is that your consumption of network is proportional to what kind of connection you receive.Att has a crappy network so you need to work hard to use a lot of data and switch to wifi when available.My 4g lte connection usually provides multiple advances over any wifi connection so there not a need to constantly hunt a wifi connection.

Our at service got so bad that all four of my relations could not talk without dropping calls anywhere within the state of texas.We even purchased on of the micro towers and connected it to our computer and still where dropping calls while setting right face to face with it.I started to talk to other users through out the country and found that the problems where not just limited Cheap Pandora Bracelets Canada to the texas area.I would say at should stop adding customers till they upgrade their systems national.If people may not use their cell phones then they will switch just like we did.

I over and over again use more than 200mb.On a few occasions i compare to 2gb, but i never reviewed.It seems to correspond to the amount of streaming video i watch on the iphone overseas.I still on the any number of plan, so it a bit concern, but i doubt i be impaired.The point is, i always assumed that the never-Ending plan would go away soon.

I you’ve made dwight, i don have significant difficulties with at coverage, and in fact over the past year it has gotten better.I can say the very same for my wife verizon android device.I there are occassions when run speedtests on both phones at different locations, and at wins about 75% almost daily.

Why use profits to increase speeds and provide better service to customers whenever they can collect the same amounts and offer even less.They hide behind the claim that the spectrum is full when that not the case.Basically, competitors are upgrading to even higher speeds for their clientele.

Lamentably this company is still sliding down hill and shows no signs of improvement.I be decreasing my 2 iphone 4s october 1st under breach of contract.Droid users appear to have a lot more fun with their devices anyways, would be nice to successfully use a sd card for a change. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

At points to smartphone demand in second

At points to smartphone demand in second

The touch screen phone craze propelled at inc.To a competent second quarter, as the particular business said thursday that half of its customers on long term contracts now have iphones, androids and other such progressive handsets.

At isn’t the only company seeing a pda surge.

Research firm nielsen found in a survey conducted in may that 55 percent of americans who had bought a cellphone in the earlier three months said they had purchased a smartphone.

Earlier soon, apple mackintosh inc.Said hello sold 20.3 million apple i-Phones in its third quarter, a 142 percent increase from a last year.

For at the trend took overall second quarter sales rising 2.2 percentage to $31.5 million, For an income of $3.6 billion dollars, Or 60 cents per(Blank).That likened to 67 cents per share a year ago.

Earnings per share would have been flat absent a one time business deal in the year ago second quarter, at announced.

Much expected

Current outcome was better than analysts had expected:Profit per share of 59 cents on sales of $31.3 thousand.

At said much of Where Do You Get Pandora Bracelets the boost came from smartPhones one the market.The corporate sold 5.6 million cell Phones in the quarter, Its best second quarter action ever, And sales of non iPhone smartPhones on the market more than doubled from last year.With rival verizon, at initiated 3.6 million apple i-Phones.

In the same quarter yr after, at induced 3.2 million apple i-Phones.

Whole, the total wireless client count increased by 1.1 million at AT in a quarter to 98.6 million.At put in 331, 000 customers on long term future contracts, which are the best.

“Special broadband with ip infrastructure and cloud services are transforming our industry and are creating unprecedented opportunity.At is strongly used to lead in this new era, leader randall stephenson said in a statement.

“Our planned acquisition of t mobile usa will accelerate increase in next generation capabilities, and it will lay the groundwork for continued high tech innovation for many years,

Around the 9.5 percent development in wireless revenue to $15.6 thousand was offset by a 3.2 percent decline in the wire line message to $14.9 billion dollars.

Many home subscribers continue to cut typical land line phones in favor of wireless service, and the weak economy is frustrating businesses from hiring workers and adding lines, at executives said on a business call thursday.

At also persistent to trim its staff, eradicating a net 13, 580 positions over recent times, or 5 percent of its labor force, for an international head count now of 258, 870.

At raised its estimate for planned capital costs this year to $20 billion.Private information had previously said it planned to spend”In time to mid $19 billion range”To build out its networks and do other advances.

‘Confident’ on Milagrofilms work

Despite some seen opposition this week from sen.Tea kohl, t wis, to its proposed $39 billion acquisition of t mobile, at known, it still expects the deal to close by the first quarter of the next time we’ll.

“While we still need work to do, we remain very confident that we can fulfill the[dept of justice] and the fcc that this request should be, and in the long run will be, certified, john watts, senior executive vice president and general counsel at at said on a business call after the quarterly results were released. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

At tells users of ‘organized and systematic’ hack attempt

At tells users of ‘organized and systematic’ hack attempt

Business phone company, notified customers of an effort by hackers to collect online passwords.

“We recently detected an organized and systematic attempt to obtain house elevators a number of at customer accounts, making use of yours, at said in an e mail to target market monday. “We do not believe that the perpetrators of this attack obtained access to your online account or any of the feedback contained in that account,

Dallas based at said the hacking attempt used so called auto script applied science to”Evaluate if at telephone numbers were linked to online at accounts, company spokesperson mark siegel wrote in an e mail.In a phone number interview, siegel said that less than 1 percent of you’re able to send customers were affected.

“No accounts were breached and our investigation is ongoing to discover the source or intent of the attempt to gather this information, siegel wrote for the e mail.

Yr after, at was the target of hackers who managed to get the e mail addresses of users of apple inc.Apple ipads.Back then, hackers could actually collect the e mail Milagrofilms addresses from the auto fill function on at ipad customer logins.Siegel said there was also no link to that hack. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Artists seek to paint houses on industrial canal floodwall

Artists seek to paint houses on industrial canal floodwall

Eliot kamenitz/the times picayune archivethe floodwall along jourdan avenue would be covered in paintings of shotgun houses under a proposal that regional levee commissioners are thinking about.

A new orleans public art group asked regional levee commissioners today to let 65 local artists paint shotgun houses on an industrial canal floodwall to help replenishing the lower 9th ward.Graffitti eradicator fred radtke is through the proposal.

“Great a controlled project.You’d get to confirm the(Creative artistic creation)Prematurely, said corporation president michael”Rex”Dinger. “It’s a wall that deserves quite a few respect.Because of those that died,

The site is when the floodwall breached during hurricane katrina, destroying the encircling neighborhood.

“Not possible to buy control this project.On that city, he explained, alleging that Pandora Bracelets Canada the hardness of graffitti has tripled at other local mural sites in the past several years. “It’s unbridled here because the city’s rampant.There’s no daily life here,

Saints waive kicker garrett hartleyfollowing protest, new orleans coroner believes to reopen case of henry glover, shot by ex nopd officer post katrinawhat do you think of the saints chances to win the nfc south and secure the no.2 seed products, |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit