What could have been: Anne-Marie Franco. Conceived Wednesday, May 28, 2008. Born February 22, 2009.

She always had the most spunk of any kid on the block, so why would it be a surprise that she is the fastest little sperm to get to the egg? Because of Ann-Marie’s increased intellect, she becomes the youngest person to solve the Rubik’s Cube at the young age of two. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, her nose is always buried in a book. In less than 36 hours, Anne-Marie devoured the 15th in the series, Harry Potter and the Claudicant Wand. Top of her class, captain of the volleyball team, valedictorian, killer graduation speech. Anne-Marie becomes the first woman to be Editor-In-Chief of the Yale Daily and at the same time, the captain of the Yale Glee Club and Debate Team. But that’s not it for this little politico. She rises up in the ranks of the Student Government and is soon propelled to Washington, DC after graduation.

After failure after failure of women presidential candidates, Anne-Marie has positioned herself to be the first. And so, on January 20, 2053 at the tender age of 43, Anne-Marie Franco is sworn in and becomes the first woman president.

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