Newton certainly was a dreamer. Psychiatrists would say that it was because he had never met his father, but Newton was convinced there was a way to travel through time. If information could travel the world in seconds flat and heavy metal tubes could lift into the sky and transport people to foreign worlds then why not.

Several stints as a postal worker and a night watchman passed the time between the late nights of the mind bending synthesis of precious metals, computer chips and LED lights. Newton went to every library the city had to offer. For generations, many brave men before him have pioneered the cause, leaving behind schematics, sketches and dreams. Newton would seek these out like a pirate pursuing buried treasure.

Books and papers piled up in his apartment, but he always left an empty spot for a Nobel Prize. Newton would dust it daily, dreaming of his cover stories in science magazines. In the shower, he would play out interviews and the praise.

After years of working, Newton came to the realization that the THR3000 hit a dead end. So onto the THR4000.

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