Jason went to Law School. Then Jason went to Business School. Jason’s parents want him to be an executive. They want his alarm to go off at the same time everyday. They want him to either wear a dark gray or a light gray suit with a matching shirt and tie. They want Jason to take the same train at the same time every morning. And when Jason walks into his office, they want Jason to say “Good morning” to Jennifer, his slightly attractive, but homely personal assistant. They want Jason to eat yogurt and drink orange juice as he sits at his Aeron chair, waiting for his computer to start up. They want Jennifer to come in and say “Mr. Finch, you have a 10 o’clock meeting today with Mr. Williams.” And Jason will say “Thank you, Jennifer,” every morning. Jason’s parents want Jason to have a corner office with lots of windows. They want Jason to make a good salary and put at least ten percent of his paycheck into his 401K account and twenty percent into savings. They prefer if Jason eats a salad for lunch but it’s okay if Jason orders a turkey sandwich on occasion. At 5 o’clock, Jason’s parents want Jason to promptly go to the gym. After a shower, Jason’s parents want Jason to eat dinner and either watch PBS, CNBC or read the Wall Street Journal. At 10 o’clock Jason’s parents want Jason to go to sleep.

Well today, Jason is not doing any of those things.

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