Even if he bet you, there would be no way for you to figure out the path Billy Ray “9 to 5″ Rodgers took to get to New York City. “9 to 5″ because he can beat you all day, every day. Following the action from American Legion Texas Hold ‘Em Tournaments in Topeka, Kansas to Elks Club Socials in Starkville, Mississippi, Billy Ray, with his toothy grin and buckskin boots could fancy his way into any friendly game of poker. Even after he took all your money, you would shake his hand and say “I thought I had you there for a while.” But his love of fast women and even faster bikes always somehow got him into more trouble then the poker playing ever did.

So the story goes, without a ride or a care, Billy Ray hopped on the next bus headed for the City That Never Sleeps. An old flame that he never quite forgot about was his initial motivator, but when he heard from a player in the Berkshire’s Hold ‘Em scene that the real loot was in the dark Chinese basements underneath the city of Manhattan, he couldn’t resist.

One too many Maker’s Marks, and a sister joke that was lost in translation was all it took. Not even off the bus for five hours, Billy Ray stumbled up the dark stairs with a bloody nose, a handful of chips and four burly Chinamen ranting and raving. The last fist he remembers was right in the gut when the loud bang of his suitcase hit the pavement. You know, the worst part is, he had a pair of Kings. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit