Book launch for elsie cressman is sunday

Book launch for elsie cressman is sunday

Waterloo most people intriguing and intrepid characters to hail from waterloo region has been immortalized in a book to be officially launched sunday, april.At words effectively books in waterloo.

Time for africa, cressman used her new skills to make thousands of babies, a skill she later unveiled in waterloo region where she became a tireless advocate for midwifery in ontario.

The fact is, it was aided by cressman efforts that midwifery became a regulated health profession in the province.She continued in the the field Cheap Pandora Bracelets until age 75, returned to africa for a visit at age 86 and died in sept, age 89 in a new hamburg nursing home where she had lived for quite some time.

Cressman was given birth to on a wilmot area farm, at a time when women of her culture were anticipated to marry and raise families.Cressman, on the flip side, allowed her ambitious spirit to lead her to africa where, for two ages, she lived in primitive types of factors, drove around on an old motorcycle and tangled with wildlife, often fending critical creatures off with her german luger. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Bonds firmer after good us bond auction

Bonds firmer after good us bond auction

Australian Milagrofilms bond futures prices are slightly higher to another well supported us government bond auction gave bond traders reason to be confident.

Ubs apr strategist matthew johnson says us and australian bond markets are bouncing back after falling following last week’s us federal reserve meeting minutes.

Mr johnson said us treasury bond auctions had been improving support lately because the fed’s intentions on winding back its bond buying program had become clearer.

‘They have better disseminated their exit strategy, Which is less bond buying but a longer low rate of policy, ‘ he was quoted saying.

At 0830 aedt on sunday, can be 10 year bond futures contract was trading at 95.855(Hinting a yield of 4.145 %), Up away due to 95.820(4.180 percent)On tues.

Dec holidays three year bond futures contract was at 96.930(3.070 %), Up produced by 96.910(3.090 %).

A key focus for markets this week will be thursday’s release of official australian business investment figures for the september quarter which will also include goals of future capital expenditure. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Bombings kill 26 in iraq

Bombings kill 26 in iraq

Aleppo, syria of the rebels fighting military forces in the city of aleppo fit a specific mold:These websites poor, religiously conservative and usually come from the not developed countryside nearby.They bring to the battle their fury over a great deal of economic marginalization, dismissed from your job by a pious fervor, and they say their fight in the civil war isn’t against president bashar assad but also the elite merchants and industrialists who dominate the city and have Cheap Pandora Bracelets stuck by the regime.The rebels regard this support for the us government to be an act of betrayal.The mixture of poverty, religious piety and anger could define the forthcoming of aleppo, and perhaps the intricate process of syria, if the rebels take over the nation’s largest city, and that is its economic engine.Cabs tempted to push their own version of islam, which is more fundamentalist than what is based in the city.Their bitterness at professional class may prompt them to seek ways of redistributing the wealth. “Previously money in aleppo only worry about their wealth and interests when we have long lived in poverty, defined osama abu mohammed, a rebel commander who was a car mechanic in the nearby town of beyanon before he joined your struggle. “They’ve been breast fed cowardice and their hearts are filled with fear.With their cash, we could buy weapons that enable us to liberate your entire city in a week, he was quoted saying.

With neither side able to decide the battle after three months of fighting and with winter around the corner, all the same, the rebels from the countryside in aleppo province risk losing top selling good will they have enjoyed from their fellow impoverished sunnis in the city.On wednesday, civilians pelted a group of rebels with broken glass as they headed to the front line as they definitely feel the fighters’ presence brings the regime’s destruction down on them, according to a related press photographer and cameraman who witnessed the incident. “The city of aleppo has not really joined the trend, acknowledged one 32 year old fighter who goes named abu ahmed and is from the nearby town of al bab. “Usa are from rural aleppo, like various rebels, he spoke on condition he be identified only with that nickname which he is reputed among his comrades that use of his real name could bring retaliation on his family.The countryside surrounding aleppo is dotted with small farming towns where the citizenry is overwhelmingly sunni muslim, with a social fabric built around strong friends and clan ties, primarily guided by local customs and a conventional brand of islam.In comparison, aleppo’s estimated 3 million occupants are a mix of syria’s main ethnic and religious groups and shiite muslims, alawites, christian believers, kurds, turkomen and armenians a somewhat liberal lifestyle.The northern city houses a powerful community of factory owners, names and merchants, mainly from marked sunni families, who were largely allowed to operate without government disturbance while the assad family’s alawite sect, a spinoff of shiite islam, kept its grip on politics power.The flashpoints of the uprising have been the poorest regions.It began in march 2011 in the impoverished southern region province of daraa.A drought hitting areas displaced tens of thousands of people from farming areas, putting more work on the economy.Baltimore of homs, that’s been a main center of the rebellion, is called”Mom of the poor”Because the living costs is lower and its population generally less well off.When damascus saw its worst dealing with yet in july, it was largely in the capital’s poorer zones that the rebels operated.The gap between rich and poor across syria grew in the over a decade of free market economic policies initiated by the late hafez assad and accelerated by his son, bashar, when he took utility in 2000.Related to the service sector, the new policy benefited a tiny segment of the nation’s 22 million people, rather a clique of regime linked businessmen and the mostly sunni merchant class in aleppo and damascus, who largely stuck by assad.But the policies also associated steep price increases that reduced many syrians to poverty, particularly among the nation’s broader sunni majority.For much of the rebellion, aleppo largely in the regime’s side, with little rebel hobby.The city’s men could use their influence, threats and payoffs ensuring of that tens of thousands on their payrolls and the countryside dependent on them.What few anti assad manifestations that did take place early on came from the dormitories of the university of aleppo, home to people in the course from rural parts of the province.Then the rebels from the country side launched their surprise attack on the city in july.They shifted into its impoverished, mainly sunni zones, where residents are mainly of rural origin.They have since used those areas as their base out of which to wage their bid to take over the city.Even today, the actual aleppo’s rebel held areas are poor, while its affluent parts remain under government control, with life there apparently continuing much as it had before.Once at the city, the ranks of the rebels swelled with aleppo volunteers bitter over their lower income.Mohammed ing ’si, 25, is one.Just back from a two day stint on the front lines in aleppo enemy was around 15 meters away from our position, he said is struggling as much for social justice as for freedom.In a blue tracksuit and hockey shoes, he spoke of a father with a meager pension of $200 and a family so poor he had to drop out of school and take various jobs in shops to pay bills as prices skyrocketed across syria in the past decade. “We sold everything in the house that we did not probably have, al ali documented.Besides being a jet killer, he earns a monthly wage of $80 as a helper in a field medical. “I hope that when this is over, i will go to university or and study arabic literature.This my dream, he was quoted saying.The rural fighters also bring using them their more fundamentalist religious outlook, how the trauma of war has only deepened.Most rebels in aleppo like beards, a trait of piety, and their conversation is stuffed with verses from the quran or sayings attributed to the prophet muhammad.They frame your struggle in a religious context and speak of martyrdom as something they wish for.They often times trade stories of miracles showing god’s support for them.Waiting at a field hospital among his fighters was treated for shrapnel wounds, a rebel leader who goes by the nickname of abu ekrimah recounted one such tale to a comrade.Typically burly, bearded commander with piercing hazel eyes vest full of ammunition magazines and an automatic rifle slung over his shoulder how a long bearded man with a good name for piety once gave his brigade’s fighters some homemade grenades.He instructed them to ritually wash theirselves as if for prayers and then throw them while shouting,”God is tremendous,”We followed his advice, and we could see that after we tossed them, they changed course in midair to score direct hits resistant to the enemy, abu ekrimah reported. “God amazing, his comrade exclaimed at hearing the storyplot.For a handful of the aleppo rebels, the war against the regime has inspired a level in their personal journey of faith.The rebel abu ahmed has images stored on his cellular phone of party dresses he once designed as a tailor working in egypt, lebanon furthermore aleppo:Cheaper cut, bustier, foresee in parts.He says designing such unveiling dresses was part of a past he has now put behind him.He also has a picture of himself with a bruised forehead and a deep cut under his left eye he said evolved as the result of a beating from regime loyalists while taking part in a street protest in may 2011.He now is an ambulance driver pertaining to your rebels, who revere him for his appearing to be fearlessness in battle zones. “Initially, i wanted it to be a peaceful revolution your regime, but it is now a war fought in defense of our faith, in line with the bearded abu ahmed.It doesn’t seem possible to gauge the degree of support enjoyed by the rebels in the parts of aleppo they control.The rebels acknowledge that many residents are sick and tired with the hardships they endure.Regime forces punish the town daily with artillery and airstrikes.Civilians are killed and wounded while landing on bread lines, walking the streets or watching youtube at home.Snipers target civilians in locations rebels have positions.Employees at the rebels’ field hospital said 80 percent of the 100 120 cases they treat daily are civilians.Even rural aleppo, the masai have a degree of disgruntlement over the impact of the fighting on the local economy.State supported farmers’ organizations that once sold fuel, seeds and plant foods no longer do so.Illegal hacking community prices for the items are so high it’s not worth planting some crops when the season starts in december.The fighting also almost completely shut down markets that in the past bought their produce of wheat, barley, chickpeas and moreover olives. “Supplies were readily designed for the last farming season, but this season will be a not at all easy one, understood mazen aleto, a local local authority or authorities member in tel rifaat, a vlg north of aleppo. “There most likely are not a harvest this time,

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Bluffton public library

Bluffton public library Milagrofilms

Real estatefind a real homehomes for salefind an agentapartments for rentinsurancemortgagesthe, based in the northeast corner of allen county, serves the populace of the bluffton exempted village school district.For example the villages of bluffton and beaverdam, may part of richland township.Our seven member board of trustees is appointed by the faculty board to serve seven year terms.

The was begun with the making of an addition to the bluffton high school building in 1933.The library was planned to meet the requirements of not only the school, but also town.The library contained a lymph system area, interesting alcove, lots, and finishing room.Students from the adjacent study hall had free access to the reading room under the administration of the librarian, while simultaneously, the online community had access to the library through a separate entrance.

The board of trustees of the were set up in may of 1935.In august of 1935, miss ocie anderson was leased as librarian, a position she retained until her golden age in 1965.In recent times, the library became ever more crowded, and the public did not really feel being in the library during the school hours.At two separate times, an extra classroom was added to the library to be used for a children’s area, and taken away some three years later.

Throughout 1985, the library received a federal grant that provided 48% of the cost of developing a new, separate facility down the street from the high school.A community fund raising campaign brought in the specified matching funds.House, designed in october of 1986, in a safe place a large, open space meant for public library purposes, and a lower level meeting room which would be used for both library and community programs.

At 1994, the library went on line with the sirsi unicorn automated library system which was purchased with donations raised by the junior bluffton library foundation. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Bluetooth for your Cheap Pandora Charms Canada car

Bluetooth for your car

:.I first tried Where Do You Get Pandora Bracelets this project with a bluetooth earpiece but was not pleased with the quality of sound.When i opened the earpiece up i found the primary board, inside the black sheath is a red wire.Whitened wire and a bare wire.Perhaps you c, on my particular headset ended up three screws.T5’s more specifically.When i opened the earpiece up i found the principle board, this board had battery, wireless wireless module.Aux in additionally the mic.The black wire coming off the left of the picture runs while using headband and connects the secondary board.This is something i was clueless that.I assumed when i started this project that there would be a wire connecting the other speaker but found that it powering another board that operated the volume control and powered the speaker:Approach 2.Disconnect the speakerdisconnect the speaker wires from the speaker being careful to leave them coupled to the board.I suppose you could solder with the the board but that’s just extra work, moreover.This would be a good time to just do it disconnect the wire that connects the two headphones.Doing that will leave you with something looking just like the picture:Activity 3.Finish the disassemblyonce you remove the wire that connects the two headphones and disassemble the other headphone housing you choose something that looks like the picture!In reply to trey7101 year agoreplygreat mini seminar, for the purpose of quality, i’m certainly not an audiophile.But i am inclined to like my music pretty loud, i’ve bought dongles for the aux input that cut the volume in half compared to established aux but also result in crackeling, humming.And a static similar to fm transmitters, on a device of 1 10(1 equals FM Transmitter)Entering a competitions radio tower signal area, and 10 = direct aux phone queue in?How is the response of the audio signal, if it’s anywhere over a 7 i’ll be hoping on this wagon recently |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Blast from the past

Blast from the past

While holding this seven inch ep in my hands for what can be the umpteenth time, i finally noticed how goofy the band’s name looks surrounding the top.It looks like something penned on the fly and without any believed that it might be around 27 years later.But here you go, and now i’m really noticing that the dude on the top’s has shark like teeth, and the cross beside him is more threatening than cute.Appears like a bad dream of pimp crusaders and mosquito shades envisioned as part of a long lost blaxploitation flick.

Unique cover art aside, it’s with a heavy heart that i report morbid opera’s charming lead vocalist, clickkeyword[lisa+hodapp]“>Lisa Hodapp, Passed away April 12 after a have trouble with cancer.She was 49 years young and results in her husband(Fellow punker and roach motel/drug czars guitar player clickkeyword[jeff+hodapp]“>Shaun Hodapp), Young kids, And a lot of who called her a friend and who looked up to her within our little scene.Most cancers is a fucker.

I tracked down this six song ep about ten years ago for about 15 bucks, and i’ve loved its cool, almost psychotropic drive way tinged, female punk rock day that.Side a opens utilizing x or waitresses sounding”Liar, which takes flight and rocks out with lisa’s vocals running for speed as well as instrumentation.Drummer carmen and bassist libby do a sufficient job of providing rhythm for nelson’s guitar to jangle over, prior to into the more somber, mid”Cadence, private hooker, which ends up as heavier on the psychedelics than the hardcore.Side a shuts with”In depth end, a slow jam of sporadic drums and stumbling guitars that almost begs the criminal misuse of a drunken keyboard solo.Don’t ask that’s what exactly is i get from it.

Side b opens although straight rocker”One sizing, using a subtle country and western motif running underneath.The song unearths something sexy in lisa’s voice that jogs my memory of the more new wave leanings of scene contemporaries the cichlids. (That’s an additional, mostly female outfit from south georgia.And claim we’re degenerates here! ) “Mania”Is a creepy take on psychobilly moments that uses ritualistic sounding vocals.The ep’s more,”Sledgehammer, combines the prior five songs’ styles and adds a little swamp funk for a slow and lysergics laced tune of desperate wailing and mumbled truths.

Lisa hodapp was a fantastic figure on the south florida scene.From her be employed in morbid opera to clickkeyword[monistat]“>Monistat 7 to your Gargirls, She touched many lives through her music and stimulated many;Kreamy ‘clickkeyword[lectric+santa]“>Lectric Santa’s Priya including cites her as an influence.She’ll be missed.Rest in silence, microsoft.Hodapp, and we appreciate you the music. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Blair Cheap Pandora Charms Canada says arab spring ‘offers an opportunity’ to re

Blair says arab spring ‘offers an opportunity’ to re

Middle east quartet envoy and former british pm tony blair talks to france 24 in an exclusive interview during his visit to paris.

Former british pm tony blair is visiting paris in his capacity as middle east quartet envoy for talks with french foreign minister alain jupp quartet on the middle east known simply as quartet comprises the un, north america, russia and europe.It was organized in 2002 to mediate the peace process in the israeli palestinian conflict.But the mideast peace talks ground to a halt last year after israel failed to renew a partial freeze on west bank settlement buildings, forcing the palestinians to refuse to return to the negotiating table despite several foreign attempts to jumpstart the stalled peace talks.

In this exclusive appointment with france 24, blair talks about necessity for western nations to once again focus on the israeli palestinian issue in the wake of the spring revolts that have spread through the region, providing new methods for dialogue and engagement.

On western diamond with the spring revolts:

Happens in this field is going to impact us profoundly.We must be players and not spectators.The biggest risk is not to act when we need us to act.

Is not a question of the west imposing a plan on the spot.But it is a question of us knowing that the region is undergoing a revolution, that it will comprise of political reform, but that it also quickly needs economic and social reform with it.

Makes sense for us to think about the region as a whole and to see where we can assist with the modernising and democratic forces.

The best way to do that is to re launch the israeli palestinian peace process in a manner that is credible.Refreshing the israeli palestinian peace process:

Israeli palestinian conflict is in the center of the region and its future.We have to resolve it.Virtually any alternative but to resolve it.

Work in jerusalem is to do with supporting the palestinian economy and building the associations for a future palestinian state.The economy is reviving in the western world bank, as well as gaza, and that’s it is so important to the financial donors to renew their commitments.

Arab spring offers a business.To have israel, there exists huge strategic interest now in securing peace with the palestinians.

Israelis will be difficult on issue of security.Israel still feels that it is in times where it is surrounded by countries that are hostile to it.The problem for israel it that the points of of a routine in the region, as in egypt, have been replaced by points of changeableness.

Israel, there is a clearly seen interest.As well as the palestinians, statehood is a target that is not just about a political campaign, it is existential for the kids.

I learned from northern ireland is that you really keep going, because there isn option.The choice to peace is war.French initiative to hold a palestinian donor conference in a bid to kick start the peace process:

Is right to say that you just simply can leave a vacuum, and this french project is a bid to fill that.

However long it takes, political negotiations have been handled by the americans, but the french desire to have these negotiations on prices renewed in a credible way is right.

On the continuing revolt in syria and the damascus regime brutal crackdown:

Difficult to get acquainted with the repression of your own people and Pandora Bracelets Canada retain your legitimacy.

Procedure in syria can hold.There needs to be a truly credible process of reform or you’ll find change.Whether the western involvement in libya is working: |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Blessed to have these nieces and nephews ii

Blessed to have these nieces and nephews ii Cheap Pandora Bracelets

My family tells me that they learned that he was smarter than anybody else when he was only two years old.If you ask him a matter, and he doesn’t know solution, he engages his tactical ways of helping you achieve answer it without you even knowing that you’ve solved your own problem.He has played this trick more than once with his grandmother but now his tricks are no longer successful.He is aware that, and he is always busy constructing new tricks.You won’t miss this boy or girl if you meet him on the streets.He got a missing tooth that he likes to display.He is very like to show off it.Can make him more hilarious than he really is.The four yr old also has big dreams.He once asked my mother to clear spot, because my airplane and my sister’s needed enough room to land in the chemical substance.He asked his nyanya to move your kitchen, the closet and outside utensils holder.The tiny guy knows that we traveled with airplanes to us, and now believes that next occasion we visit home, we don’t have to leave our aero planes at the airport terminal because we can just land them right at home.That is a big dream in my opinion!Discussion, may be eventually, the good lord will bless us with one or two aero planes that will have to have an airstrip at my father’s compound.I recently checked the flight path on the map just in the interest of it, and realize that indeed it is closer to go straight home than proceed to any air-Ports we have in kenya.Protio is also blessed with a cutting-Edge mind.In reference to his cousin ronnie, he put together the child version of a power saw, called ‘inde e e’ which derived its name from the sounds much more.You can savor his pilot testing of the machine in the attached video clip below.I can see lots of manufacturing qualities in this lad.Even when tinkering with dirty, he will assure he keeps himself clean and tidy.He is a types scholar.He is always ahead of his class mates and ahead of his grade level.He is a serious student and you can now tell by the way his books are kept neat, and arranged.He does his leg work on time.He is also faithful with his sunday school projects.Every sunday, he makes certain that the parents take him to sunday school on time.He will also remember his drums.He got sick eventually, and it bothered him so much that his sunday school class won’t have anybody to be in the drums.I admire that enthusiasm spirit about him.That is an indication of great calling to the ministry.Substantially my sick bay, i don’t think i would think about anybody except that i want to find out, ‘when am i probable get well?’ I also call Ronnie a pastor in delaying because;He is serious most things to do with church business.He doesn’t play with church matters.His other name isLeviand this is one other reason why i think he is the pastor in the making.Levi(Dual levites)In the bible was any of the tribes in israel had the duties of the temple.They were honest to carry the ark, minister, offer burnt offerings and play specialist tools.My dad, ronnie’s grandpa, must be very proud of him because he himself has developed in the ministry for over forty years.Ronnie definitely must have acquired lots of genes of his grandfather.

Kaku, the tour instruct, nyanya’s helper and always with a grocery list for auntiekaku is the eldest of the group.This girl has expanded so fast.She was born sufferer and now this girl is all grown.She is also superb in academics with little challenge with people to do with numbers.She was indeed a very valuable tour guide when i and my sister went home for the long thought family reunion.We wasn’t able to be anywhere without her;Which for me was very helpful.I needed all four of them in every state we go, but that proved very unlikely sometimes.She has been a faithful messenger for nyanya.She can be send to get a few things occasionally.Individual she wanted to surprise her grandmother by doing a chore that she had never done before.As a outfactor note, many of us still hand wash our laundry back home.The grandma had sorted out clothes for laundry, and went about other duties first.She came home to realize kaku had started washing, but got tired and left it nearly done.The grandmother was so in awe of the developing skill, and the new found conviction to help others, usually since she is the eldest of the group.We are all proud of her because she is setting a sample that can be emulated by the rest.

I miss these your children.I miss the enjoyment, the time saving benefits, the exercise, the sound experience, the recreational, the difficulties etc.I thank god for blessing us with them for they surely bring abundant joy and diversity to our house.I pray for Cheap Pandora Charms Canada god to keep them safe day after day as they grow up in this cruel world.May he protect and guide them in all a lot their lives. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Bjp man vipul chaudhary is new gcmmf chairman

Bjp man vipul chaudhary is new Cheap Pandora Bracelets Canada gcmmf chairman

After a wait, vipul chaudhary(46), Chairman of Mehsana based Doodhsagar dairy products, Was on sat elected unopposed as chairman of the Rs12, 000 crore Gujarat accommodating Milk Marketing Federation(Gcmmf).

He gets control of from the outgoing chairman parthi bhatol who served as chairman of the state apex dairy body from 2006 to august 18, 2012.Gcmmf markets its products under the trademark of amul.

The baton was forwarded to chaudhary after he requested his brother(Parthi bhatol)To give the reins of Cheap Pandora Charms Canada the gcmmf to him.The meeting to elect a new chairman was necessitated after a gujarat high court order in mid july directed the anand collector to complete the process in 30 days.

Son lately mansinh chaudhary, vipul chaudhary is the president chairman of mehsana dairy union.He had been trying to become chairman of the apex dairy body during the last six years.

Was his old wish to turn to chairman of the federation.Earlier on, he had several problems against me.Now, as a younger my honestly, he questioned me to hand over to him charge as chairman of gcmmf.We also wanted to stick to the trend of electing chairman unopposed.So i thought we would propose his name said bhatol.Bjp ballot |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit

Bjp faces massive defeat in karnataka ‘assembly polls semi

Bjp faces massive defeat in karnataka ‘assembly polls semi

In a morale booSting effectiveneSS ahead of aSSembly pollS, the oppoSition congreSS in karnataka today put up an extraordinary Show in the electionS to urban local bodieS, giving jd(S)The particular ruling bjp way behind.

With produceS around 4, 500 wardS of a total of nearly 5000 announced today, the the nation’S lawmakerS, clearly enjoying multi cornered conteStS, bagged a great deal 1, 800 wardS, while they are jd(S)Of former pm hd deve gowda came second with some 870.The ruling bjp done third with 800 plus wards in it kitty.

High quality bs yeddyurappa, who quit bjp late yr after and floated karnataka janatha paksha, has played spoilsport for the ruling party, as also bsr our lawmakers of former bjp minister b sriramulu.Kjp and bsr the nation’s lawmakers, testing the political waters the first time, won 250 or more and 77 wards, respectively, while independents with an impressive 625 wards, will likely play a key part in the ulbs which have thrown up a hung verdict.

Elections to 207 ulbs seven city businesses, 43 city municipal organizations, 65 town city and county councils and 92 town panchyats were held on march seven, and their outcome was viewed a pointer to the assembly elections, due by possibly will.The congress won the city businesses of davanagere, mangalore and as a result bellary.Numerous, the bjp was sent in bellary, specifically how it drew a blank.Mysore and gulbarga city firm elections were marked by fractured mandate.

The state election fees had announced elections to 208 urban local bodies(Ulbs)With a total of 4976 wards but in terdal town city council in bagalkote district, people boycotted the polls in protest against the costa rica Cheap Pandora Charms Canada government not including the town in the newly announced taluks, without using a nominations filed in all 23 wards.

Persons had won in 85 wards unopposed, while there’s no nomination in one ward in chikkaballapur city municipal council, triggering elections in 4867 wards in all. “It a warning bell to all politics parties, chief minister jagadish shettar said responding to the poll outcome. “There was illusion in some quarters that the bjp will be murdered.It has not position.Bjp is there to tact, noting that a great number of independents have won, he said this showed that local issues weighed heavily factor of voters, shettar built in. |  Digg |  FURL |  Yahoo! My Web 2.0 |  Reddit